I want to take a second to address the very real concerns that Cara brought up in regards to school and me counting this week towards over all attendance.


First off this should not be news to anyone. Since we had perfect attendance at the team meeting you all knew this was the case two weeks ago. I am not all of a sudden bringing this idea forth.


Two: You have had the last two weeks off, except for one weekday practice, so you have had ample time to get school in order, do your projects, and prepare for finals.


Three: If you are waiting until the last week of school, or the day before the test to cram, then I highly encourage you to check your study habits.


Four: Practice was shortened and I am only asking for one hour of your time. I did this with the hope that it would actually help you. I believe that blowing off steam and de-stressing by riding is very helpful.


Lastly since almost everyone is going on the Luna Lake trip, and thus attending 3 practice, you all will have good attendance for this week. Missing one or two this week will not kill anyone’s attendance numbers. If you ride Luna Lake and miss both practices this week you will still be on the good side of attendance.


Yes school comes first. Please make it that way.


Ride if it helps you.


Also an excused absence does not count against you in any way.


I appreciate your concerns Cara and I hope this helps in understanding my thought process.

2 Responses to “School Concerns”

  1. Gaby

    I’m confused. I thought there was not practice these two weeks except for the people who are going to the meet. Did I misunderstand? Greg has not been there because I thought there was not practice for him… Sorry. If I was wrong, it’s all my fault. -Gaby

    • Daniela

      Gaby – there has not been practice for the previous two weeks. This week marks the third week since our team meeting and yes, practices are resuming