Matt harris– 7:04:30

Walker– 7:02:30

Ben Duncan– 7:08

Keenan– 7:06:30

Max Cronyn– 7:07:30

Nelson– 6:53:30

Zayk– 7:03

Izaac– 7:01

Izzy– 7:00:30

Quinn– 7:04

Nick Harris– 7:07

Leo– 7:06:30

Tyler– 7:08:30

Ana– 7

Samantha Andrade– 7:02

Sam Alexander– 7:05:30

Collin Hanes– 7:01:30

Susie– 6:59:30

Kajeme– 7:03:30


Sorry they are not in order.



A group will be leaving the clubhouse at 5:30am super sharp to ride out there. Any one is welcome to join that group.


That group will arrive to the base of the mountain at 6:30am. This should be enough time to use the bathroom and to get to the start.


If you want to meet out there. Ignacio will drive the van out and be there at approx. 6:30am.


If you want a ride in the van then please be prepared to leave the clubhouse with bike packed at 5:45am.


Many of you will ride more after the days fun.



3 Responses to “Mt Lemmon Time Trial Start times and info”

  1. Daniela

    Correction: Daniela will drive van. Please post if you will need a ride. We will only have one van available. Meet up is at registration check in. We have all your numbers but you will need to get waiver signed