Sorry this is a bit late, but all you new riders should have received texts from Coach Veroninque. For all other riders still in town…

The plan is for this week and next week:


Tuesday: 4:30-6pm – Cross training in the park – wear real gym clothes (no jeans!) and running shoes


Wednesday: 6am – 8am – 2 hour steady bike ride


Thursday: 4;30-6pm – Mountain bikes


Saturday: 6am approx 3 hour road ride


Sunday: 6am Mountain bike ride (2-3 hr)


The bigger your smile, the faster you go! The harder you work, the faster you get faster!

7 Responses to “Practice schedule in Tucson next two weeks”

  1. Susie king

    Them this week will be easy for me Ill be there tomarrow

  2. Colin Flynn

    My mom told be that she didn’t ever get a text and I didn’t get one either and neither of us are able to subscribe to the blog so should I just wait to go to next week or should I go on Saturday

  3. Steve Bohn

    I will not be able to help out with practice this Thursday afternoon (today) due to work/meetings.

  4. Tyler Overson

    I will not be able to make it to tonight’s skills practice I have too much personal stuff to take care of but i will be there
    Saturday & Sunday mornings for the rides

  5. Jack S.

    I will not be able to come the week of July 6, I’m on vacation, but will be happy to come back and ride starting Saturday morning, the 11th