With just a few days left before we head out on our adventure, we want to focus on getting sharp mentally, physically, and emotionally.


This is going to be a taper week so we are going to bring down the hours and intensity, but work on pure high end speed.


I will be posting some logistics and gear lists later this week, probably tomorrow, as I want to use this post to just get across the training plan.


Race age 14 and under juniors going to nationals. 


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Practices with Coach Nelson. All start at 6:30am.


Tuesday and Thursday will be recovery ride paced rides with sprints (openers) with Wednesday being a pure recovery day.


Wednesday is optional so please post if you will make it, so we know how to plan.



Race age 15 and over going to Nationals. 


Tuesday– Morning ride 6am start. SHARP. PLEASE WEAR THIS YEARS KIT.

The news will be around after the ride for some interviews so we want to look good.


Wednesday– Recovery ride with some openers. 6:30 am start.


Thursday– Recovery ride with openers at crit course. 6:00 am start.


We all leave for nationals and the state road race on Friday morning at 9am.



New riders and those staying in town, please be looking here for more practice information.

3 Responses to “Week of June 15th”

  1. Madison

    Will i be at the tuesday morning rining ride ir ride with Nelsons group again?

  2. Jack

    Since I’m a new rider and it says to keep watching the blog for new info, there’s no practice for me tomorrow morning?