The trip to Flagstaff this weekend marks the beginning of the new season.


Here we are, High School MTB season is upon us, and I want to inspire and prepare all of you for a great season. My job for the next 50 days until the first race will be to prepare you mentally, emotionally and of course physically.


After two years of winning the state championship, I want to inspire all of us to dream in number three. All of the teams will be gunning for us and we have a mark on our backs. GOOD! Let them come at us. I want to race with a reason and purpose.


Those not going to Flagstaff we will have practices while you are gone. Please may this be the start of your season.


Middle schoolers we are going to focus on getting ready for  a few time trials and hill climb race. I will build a great program along with the other coaches to have you ready. So come mid September you all will have some fun road bike challenges.


Tuesday: 4:30 pm to 6pm Mountain bike ride. 5 x 3 min vo2 max intervals. Then fun at Grupo Lupo. Chuck the last stretch of road heading to Genser Trail head would be a great 5 times road.


Wednesday: Find a friend and ride for 2 hours. Tempo. Sorry we have no coaches for this. So find a friend or parent and ride solid for 2 hours.


Thursday: 4:30pm- 6 pm. Races at Grupo Lupo. Three that last 8 min.


Saturday: RIDE with a friend. Long if you can.


Sunday: MTB with Chuck. 6 am start

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