This week starts our second build.


We are coming off a rest week as prior to that we had three hard weeks of training.


This is week one of the next three week cycle. I challenge everyone to take another step these next three weeks. If you were coming three days a week before I want you four days these next three weeks. I would like to see all of you take one more step. Push yourself in that good way. If you were only coming once on the weekend come twice now.


The more you come the faster you get faster.


Those of you who raced nationals please take this week off as well. You earned it. This will be week 3 of post nationals rest.


Practice schedule

We are going to move away from cross training now and start to ride more.



Mtb 4:30- 6pm.

hill repeats



6am start. Long road ride







6am sharp start

road ride



6am mtb

Sharp leaving time not arrive time


At at the very least you must make one road ride, but the very least is the very least and never inspiring to all those around you. Challenge yourself to be more than just the very least involved.


9 Responses to “Practice schedule week of July 13”

  1. Ana

    I will go to practice since I will be out of town once the Nationals rest weeks are over

  2. Susie king

    I will be there every day this week! Sorry for my absence over the weekend I have family in town. The week of the 20 I will be out of town.

  3. Jack Senese

    Sounds Great! I will be there all week. See you soon!

  4. Ethan Overson

    I will not be there today (sports physical), but I will be there Wednesday and Thursday.

  5. Ignacio

    Coaches I will not be here again this week. Have a great time and as always make any necessary changes

  6. Eve Yockey

    Sorry that I did not say this earlier but Wednesday was my last ride for a mouth because I’m going out of town. Sorry I have to miss it,have fun

  7. Tyler Overson

    Just scheduled to work tomorrow morning so I will not be able to make the ride but I will be there Sunday

  8. Colin Flynn

    I will not be able to make Saturday’s practice and after that I am leaving for vacation but I will be back at the begging of August