cWe are back and excited to see everyone.


Thank you to all the wonderful coaches that kept practices running and fun. Thank you!!!


This next week is going to be a fun week and everyone is welcome to join. Those of you that have been in town this is a rest week, as you have had three straight weeks of working hard. Thank you for putting the good time in.


Everyone is welcome to join and play this week if they like.


Practice Schedule:


Tuesday: MTB skills 4:30- 6pm


Wednesday: Capture the FLAG. Everyone bring a jersey and a bandanna with them so we can make teams. 4:30- 6pm


Thursday: MTB skills 4:30- 6pm.


Saturday and Sunday: Coaches will decide


Those that went and raced at Nationals, please enjoy the next two weeks off. You have all earned them, for sure. If you want to come play capture the flag though, please feel encouraged to join.


Nick and Tyler you are on Kathryn and Davids plan.

8 Responses to “Practice the week of July 6th”

  1. Steve Bohn

    Welcome back national competitors! Fine work everyone…my mtb will be undergoing some upgrades this week and may not be ready by Thursday so not sure I will be able to help with practice.

  2. Veronique

    For the new riders and anyone who did not go to Nationals: We will have 2-3 hour rides leaving from the clubhouse at 6a Saturday and Sunday. Saturday road bikes, Sunday mountain bikes.

  3. Daniela

    Veronique, you are clearly the BEST ever! thank you. Ignacio

  4. Jack S.

    I won’t be here the week of July 6 until Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th

  5. Susie king

    I’m stoked i won’t be there on the 7 but i will be there every other day including both weekends welcome back nationals kids we missed you!

  6. Eve

    For capture the flag, should I bring my mountain bike or road bike?

  7. Daniela

    Any bike will do Eve. We are just going to cruise to Oury Park. So you could run if you wanted to.