This Saturday the 8th


Zaid, Giancarlo, Matthew Riccatello. I am inviting you to ride the Old Man Shoot out that starts at 5:45am. This is a very sharp leaving time. You may not be late. I encourage all of you to try. Ben Elias will be with you as will I to help guide you.


If you do not want to try this ride that is OK. Veronique will be leading another c team ride that starts at 6am. All new riders are otherwise considered C team unless you have been told differently.


Also at 4pm I am leading a skills session for a group of adult riders that are doing fundraising for us. I need 4-7 youth to help me lead the work shop.


After the work shop they are buying pizza and cake and you are of course invited.


Please post or text me and let me know. I hope it is not difficult to find a few kids.

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