All Girls in High School– Madison’s birthday is tomorrow and she has asked to go on a special ride out at Fantasy Island with you. So all High School girls meet at the clubhouse at 6am and you will drive out to the Island.


All Boys lets meet at 6:30am. I will have the van and trailer and maybe we go somewhere too, or maybe we ride out trails.


Last post I put a race report up about Tyler. It was amazing. However he was there for three weeks and his first race did not go as he planned. This is his dream and everything he has worked for so to have a bad first race is hard emotionally, but kept it together and kept working. Life is always full of ups and downs and bumps. You have to take them and proceed, nothing truly worth doing is easy.



Race report- I felt pretty bad the whole race (i was dizzy/lightheaded not sure why. I was very hydrated tho so not that) nevertheless i got in a 5-man chase group shortly after the winning break went, and we were catching them, they were in sight. Then suddenly with 2.5 laps to go the guy in front of me rubbed wheels and crashed right in front of me and i ploughed into him. I got some roadrash but im OK. i felt really lightheaded after so i laid in the grass for a while and didnt finish… Its ok tho 7 more chances! Just needa figure out why i was so lightheaded.

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  1. Chuck

    I’ll be there coach to help load up bikes. See you all in the morning. Don’t forget to eat your Wheaties!