Please everyone read this with a parent if you can. Its good for us all to be on the same page and understand what is going on. That way we can all support each other.


The high school season is coming and to prepare we have to take the long view. Its five races over the span of 10 weeks. I want us going into the first race, ready, but also fresh. I hope to have us racing into peak fitness and strength. I want to start strong and build into the season to peak. Rather than start like a rocket ship and then hope to hold on.


Middle school riders we have the same amount of time to get you ready for the Championship time trials. Your schedule will look similar however on Thursdays I want you all riding together in your team tt groups to practice riding together and on Tuesdays you will have separated work outs. 


With that in mind the next four week are going to be very formulaic.


Tuesdays: tempo rides

Wednesday: Good solid trail ride, MTB

Thursday: Tempo ride

Saturday: Shoot out or hard C team ride

Sunday: MTB ride.


By the end of these four weeks our aerobic engines should be rockin strong. We should have a really solid base which will allow us to endure the length of the races.


Then with two weeks before the race we are going to do short, VO2 max efforts. This will make sure that speed is then with us.


I am very confident in this plan. However the critical part of this plan is YOU.


You have to come to practice and work hard. You have to make the commitment.


If you do the minimum amount of rides, please be prepared for the minimum reward.


If you come often and always work hard, I feel very confident that you will be able to enjoy the competition at the level you hope to.


Achieving your goals though has more to do with what you do when no one is looking. Do as many of the little things that you can and they will all pay off.


The little things:

Sleep– get more

School– do your homework early, don’t procrastinate

Food– Choose wisely. Be mindful of junk sugar intake


I am ready to coach a team of kids who are ready to challenge themselves to be their very best. That is what I am signing up for. That is what all the coaches are signing up for. The opportunity to coach a group of kids who wants to see how great they can be. When I arrive to practice that is the attitude that I am expecting everyone to have.


So please let us all challenge each other to be our best. The gauge that we will all use as well will be only against you. The greatest competition is against yourself.


Practice Schedule week of August the 3rd


Tuesday: 6am Road ride start. Advanced riders only. Ask if you are, if you need to.

Some will do the Morning Ride, so please be prepared. Ask if you want to .

4:30- 6 pm. Road ride.


Wednesday: 6:30am MTB ride. Advanced riders only.

3:45pm MTB ride.


Thursday: off.


Saturday: 5:45 am Old Man

6am Big boy

6am very sharp C Team


Sunday: 6 am MTB ride.


Watch. This is how to ride a mountain bike. Listen


11 Responses to “The Long View”

  1. Izzie

    Hey Ignacio. I know I’m middle school, but can I do the rides with the advanced this week? I also would like to say that video was the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you guys for such a wonderful summer, too.

  2. Lorenzo Alvarado

    I want to know if I can go on the ride tomorrow morning because I have soccer practice

  3. Susie

    The training plan sounds awesome!! Thanks for such an amazing summer. I have been on the team for a year know and I can definatly say it was one of the funnest years of my life! I am just so grateful to have amazing coaches and people who pour there heart and soul into this team! Thank you to all of the coaches!! And especilly Daniela!

  4. Ethan Overson

    I can’t make it today I have high school mountain biking sorry.

  5. Cara

    Does anyone want to join me for a tempo ride after school tomorrow?

  6. Steve Bohn

    Great video-thanks Ignacio. Bruce Lee was at a different level. Looking forward to after-school Thursday practices and occasional SO’s & Sunday mtb rides with EG!

  7. Kaileen

    Hey Ignacio which group should I show up for on Saturday the old man, big boy or very sharp c

    • Daniela

      Hi Kaileen,

      All new riders are considered on the C team and should follow all practices that say C team unless told otherwise. Thanks for asking!

  8. Ana

    I’m ready to rock the High School mountain bike league! Look out freshmen!

  9. Eve Yockey

    I’m back in Tucson after being away for three weeks. Is the schedule this week the same as last week? Thursday off?
    Looking forward to getting back into it!