Tuesday: 4:30- 6 pm. Mountain bikes.


Wednesday: 3:45 road bikes

4:30 road bikes. I need coaches for this! Please post


Thursday: 4:30 Mountain bikes


Saturday: 5:45 Old Man

6 Big Boy

6 C team


Sunday: 7am Mountain bike



12 Responses to “Week of August 10th”

  1. Sam Alexander

    I’ll be at the week day practices but I will miss the weekend because I’m riding to the top of Mt Lemmon to camp out with the family before I leave. I will also be at the party. Hope to see everyone soon!

  2. Daniela

    Great. Thanks everyone. Wednesday practice at 4:30 is on. Veronique and Nick King will be there. Also All Tucson high students I expect you at 3:45 on wednesday

  3. Matthew Riccitello

    Does it matter what ride I do on Wednsday? 3:45 or 4:30?

  4. Ben Elias

    I’ll be at all the weekday evening practices but out for the weekend rides.

  5. Ben Duncan

    I will ride on Sunday, and will be at the celebration on Sunday with some dessert type food.