The races are coming. We all have two weeks to go until we get to pin numbers on and have a go.


I encourage everyone to start to mentally prepare. Take a moment this week, and visualize what you want to do at the races. Watch yourself doing your best and feeling so proud. Know what it looks like before you head out.


The little things really matter as well now. Yes I keep coming back to this, but it is the set of controllables that make a huge difference.


Necessary news:


Tubes. All riders must have an appropriately sized tube with them on all bike rides. To help with this, I have bought tubes that can be purchased. They are $2 a piece. Cash must be paid before receipt of item. No IOS’s. Any coach can help you with this. YOU MAY NOT GRAB ONE WITHOUT ASKING! Patching will still be free. If you go on a ride and do not have a tube, please be prepared to walk back or call a parent. Tubes at bike shops are now between $5-7 so this is a great deal.


High School Jerseys. If you have one from last year, I need to know ASAP. I am counting jerseys and need to know what I have. Please let me know!!!


Power meters, Watches, Garmins. By next week I need everyone to have something. If you do not have any time telling device on your bike, please get yourself a digital watch. They can be purchased at Target for $15-20. They are better than most bicycles computers and are way more useful in life. By next week I expect everyone to have at least a watch. If you have a power meter or Garmin, I do expect that you have it with you on rides. We are going to start interval work and everyone must have something.



Training Plan



High Schoolers

MTB hill climbing skill work. This will not be a hard ride, just skill work.

Middle Schoolers

Time Trial Practice, road bikes



High School — MTB endurance ride again not too hard.

Middle school– Time Trial Practice



MTB hole shot and short race. Not a long race at all. I am looking for us to recover a bit this week, but to be active.




Weekend rides. If you have been making the Saturday ride, and then having trouble making the Sunday ride, please prioritize the Sunday ride this week. I want all High School kids on the MTB’s this coming weekend.


Middle School Youth.

We are going to be in Wilcox for an event.



5:45am old man

6am Big boy

6am C Team



6:30am MTB



Enjoy Labor day and chill.,+Alaska&dashboard=&id=420696&yr=2015

11 Responses to “Week of August 31st”

  1. Veronique

    Is the 4:30 Wednesday ride a MTB or road ride for me? We usually have both HS and MS at that time. Just need to know which bike to bring. Thanks!

  2. Daniela

    Great question Veronique.

    We need to get another coach lined up to always help you on Wednesdays at 4:30pm. However this week please plan on doing the MTB ride.

  3. Sue

    I will not be there on tuesday I know we are practicing on our teams but I have family commitments that I must be present for I apoligize ahead of time I am sorry to my team I will not be there for this but I will be on wednesday and Ill be ready to work!

  4. Unai

    Can’t make it today, have a family dinner. Planning to come tomorrow and thursday.

  5. Amy Acosta

    I attended the volunteer meeting a few weeks ago and did the online background check. My schedule at work has changed, I am now available Tuesdays and Fridays at 3:15 and 1:45 on Thursdays. Let me know if there’s anything I might help out with.
    Amy Acosta

  6. Steve Bohn

    I won’t be able to help on the Thursday ride due to busy family schedule but will come and help out w/ the 4:30 mtb ride today (Wed.)

  7. Eve

    I can’t make it today cause I am not feeling well but I am excited to go to Wilcox.