Thank you everyone for coming and enjoying the party.


It is always a joy to have everyone together.


We are now less than 30 days away from our first high school race. The time to truly engage with your training is now. Do not wait for the first race to pass you by to decide to start training. It will be too late. Now is the time to be smart and to start all the little things.


Drink water all day, sleep well, get your homework done early, eat well.


If you take the time now to practice the little things when the races start you will not have to worry about them any more and they will become an advantage for you.


I hope that everyone races to their expectations and if we do I am sure that we can do something special again this season.


We have done nothing yet this season, we have won nothing. We are the same as the rest. Don’t ever rest with what you have done, but strive for what you can do. Of course be proud of your prior accomplishments and let them fuel your dreams.


Training Plan


The next two weeks we are still going to focus on our endurance, I want all of us to have the engine necessary to ride our races. However we are going to bring in some intensity via hole shot practices.


There is no such thing as a throw away practice and the more you come, the more you get out of this whole experience.
Remember I expect at the very least that you come to three practices a week!


Tuesday: Endurance road ride.


Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30pm starts. MTB


Thursday: Hole shot practice. MTB


Saturday: 5:45am Old Man

6am Big Boy

6 am C Team


Sunday: 7am start. MTB ride.


Also I have Tyler has been sending me race reports from his last three weeks in Europe racing with the junior national team. Here is his latest:


Race report: Hoeleden Kermesse: it was pouring rain, and really cold, for 88km. 5k in i got myself in a large breakaway of 8 or so. It was a rotation of death for the following hour. Eventually we got caught with 20k to go, but by an extremely reduced field. About 2k later, i took a hard corner at the front and opened up a gap, so i gave it some gas. Soon 2 guys bridged. We rotated well for the remaining 18km, until on the last lap we started attacking each other alot. I put in a few hard attacks but one of the guys was just too strong and countered one of my attacks and got away. But, i rolled in for 2nd! Normalized power of 285 for 2hr 10min. Avg power 271.

4 Responses to “Week of August the 17th”

  1. Madison

    Sound like a fun week I will be there all week and giving out all my power!

  2. Jack Senese

    Sounds great, Colin, Friday for mechanics works the best for me, Thanks!

  3. chuck

    Great gathering on Sunday, my thanks to everyone! See y’all on Tuesday.