This is for our middle school age riders only. High school riders will have a separate post about the upcoming HS Mountain bike league races coming soon!


We have some fun ideas for a great ride and adventure for Labor Day weekend (September 5 – 7th) and we need to know who wants to participate in which aspects. Please COMMENT with which option below you will be choosing.

Option 1 – This is really expected for all MS riders! Leave Saturday, September 5th (by 5am!) to go to Willcox for their Willcox Flyer ride – a beautiful out and back route up to 66 miles in cooler temps and gorgeous country! We will ride as a group and have some time to practice in our team time trial groups, too! If you need to leave following this, transportation will need to be arranged with other parents/coaches. Return to Tucson same day by 3pm or earlier?


Option 2 – (Preferred for all!) Do Willcox Flyer (same as above) but travel on with team to campsite just outside Chiracahua National Monument (just down the road!) next to bubbling creek (seriously!). We will camp out Saturday evening and enjoy dinner and breakfast in the woods next to the creek. Sunday morning options will include riding up to Chiracahua National Monument or just transporting there to go on a great hike in the area. Riders may be leaving Sunday afternoon with available transportation that can be arranged. Return to Tucson on Sunday by 5pm or so.


Option 3 – All of the above but staying until Monday with more riding / hiking / adventure / chill out time by the creek as options. Ignacio, Daniela, and Damiano will be staying until Monday.


We need to know which riders are going (hopefully all of you MS’ers!), which coaches and / or parents might want to go, and which option you are choosing so we can start the planning. PLEASE COMMENT. Thanks!

5 Responses to “Willcox ride & camping for Labor Day weekend – MS only”

  1. Jack

    Hi Daniela, this sounds awesome. I believe I would do option 2. Thanks!

  2. Matthew Riccitello

    I am able to do the ride on Saturday, but am not able to spend the night. Sounds really fun!

  3. Izzie

    Hey guys!!! This sounds like a lot of fun. I think I’m going to be coming home on Sunday, so option 2. I can’t wait!

  4. Kaileen

    This sounds like so much fun!!!!!! I gonna go with opt. 1. thank you