Thank you everyone for your patience in me getting this together. I was trying to make sure that everything was set for the High School race.


Middle School Notes:


Our first rider goes off at 7:14am.


We should be on location then at 6am.


So lets leave at 5:15am.


So please be at the clubhouse at 5am ready to go.


Eat breakfast before you leave the house so that everything is settled before the race.


Bring a change of clothes, shoes, and a hat.


We should be back no later than 11am.


Parents I will have some forms for you to sign, so please ask me when you arrive.

One Response to “Individual Time Trial Agenda”

  1. Kaileen

    MS, hey this is Kaileen’s mom, I’m available to be there Sunday if you need a volunteer. Let me know where, thanks