All of hard work is now going to pay off. If you have put the time in, on the bike, at home and in school you are now going to reap all the rewards. Thank you all for the past weeks of hard work. I hope everyone had a good rest today and is now ready to get excited.


The only way to truly have a good race weekend is have all your school work done before you leave. There is some time at the high school races but not really. Please prepare.


Middle schooler your weekend is a bit easier as we are only gone on Sunday.


Training Plan


We are coming off a rest week, which followed the last good month, so we should have a solid amount of fitness, and we should be ready to pile some speed on.


Tuesday: 30 second VO2 max intervals. MTB


Wednesday: 30 second VO2 max intervals. MTB

3:45 and 4:30 starts


These are going to be short and hard work outs. I do not want you cooked after these rides, we are priming the pumps to get ready to go fast, recover, then go fast again.


Middle Schoolers we are going back out to the river path and will do some longer LT efforts.


Thursday: Openers. For all.


I stress this is an important week. Practices will me short, or just, really on time.


Be mentally prepared!! Dream big and take time to visualize!



2 Responses to “Race weekends are here!”

  1. Sam Alexander

    Good luck on the races! I’m lucky I’m able to ride up here in Wisconsin. See you later.