We are going to be training right through this week. I challenge everyone to put in a great week and to dig deep. Next week we will rest a bit for the races, for this week the challenge has been made.


Wednesday 3:45 and 4:30 MTB. Working on flow. I need all coaches on board to help.


Thursday: More VO2 max intervals. New location on road bikes please. Middle schoolers please join. I will be unable to attend this practice as well as Daniela is out of town and I have to be with Damiano.


Saturday: Old Man 6:15 start

Big Boy 6:30 start

C Team 6:30 start

Middle schoolers:  4 pm start. Practicing the turn around –you may ride as well in the morning if you like.


Sunday: High schoolers to Fantasy Island 6:30 am leave the clubhouse. I will be attending the Team Time trial so coaches again, I need you all at full strength. I would  even like to see a group of you ride out and back from the trail.


Middle schoolers we leave early again to the races.

3 Responses to “Week of September the 14th”

  1. Steve Bohn

    I won’t be able to help with the Thursday practice but will come Wed., ready for some flow!

  2. Ben Elias

    See y’all there today at 3:45! A reminder to all to keep those bikes cleaned and lubed. The first high school race made us especially aware of mechanicals. Take care of your bike and your bike will take care of you.