With the Fall Break it is seeming like we are NOT going to have the full participation that we want at the Team Building activities at the 4H Ropes Course for this coming Saturday, so…


NO ROPES COURSE THIS SATURDAY, October 17th. We will postpone and plan a time in November/Dec that works better for all and let you know with as much advance notice as possible. Thanks for understanding.


There are TWO OPTIONS for this coming weekend for community outreach/engagement and we would like for each rider in town to CHOOSE ONE. Each one involves a ride, too. There will be other ride options but we are strongly encouraging every rider to PRIORITIZE ONE of these rides/events.



El Grupo has been asked to participate in Habitat for Humanities “Bike to Build” Day. We will join some other riders on part of their ride on the Julian Wash and then help build birdhouses or real houses for families (if over 16 years old) for a short while following the ride. (We will NOT be doing bike valet, despite what the event page says!) We can meet at the clubhouse at 7:30am to drive out to the site location and then ride the Julian Wash out to Old Spanish Trail and back (probably just under 30 miles) and then help build for an hour or so. Bring a change of clothes that you are comfortable building in afterwards! Road bikes. Back at the clubhouse around 12:30pm or so. Lunch will be provided. Parents and other coaches are very welcome to join us!

(We need 4-6 riders at least to make this fun!)


Saturday – others who want to ride the ShootOut (and do Sunday’s option instead) 6:15 and 6:30pm starts



El Grupo has a group ride with Ride On Cycling who is doing some tremendous fundraising on our behalf. We will be meeting at the clubhouse at 6:15am to load up the van/trailer to head up to La Encantada/North (or you could meet us there – but please let me know). We will gather with others and start our ride from there at 7am for 45 miles or so of good paced ride. We will end back at North to enjoy some food (or maybe just gelato) with members of Ride On Cycling. We will be done and back at the clubhouse around 12 or so.

(We need 8-10 riders for this – and come ready to TALK with others!)


Sunday – there may be another ride option for Sunday MTB if the other OPTION needs are being met.


PLEASE COMMENT so we can plan accordingly and do our duty to THANK our community for all the support we get through engaging members of our community. Thanks!

16 Responses to “CHANGES for this weekend – Please read and comment”

  1. Ana

    Is there still a MTB ride with Veronique? I would like to do that, but if there’s not, I’ll do the shootout. Also, I’d like to go on the Ride On ride

    • Veronique

      Ana: We are still riding. Be ready to leave the clubhouse at 6:30.

  2. Kyle

    I can build a mean birdhouse but I don’t have a preference so feel free to place me where needed.

  3. Michelle

    The Helmke family will ride the shootout and help with the Sunday ride.