High School MTB


Meeting at 10am tomorrow morning.


Leaving by 10:30am.


It will  be very hot this race.


Please prepare ice socks for the boys race. It will make a huge difference.


Packing list is the same and prior races but this time really think about a good hat, staying cool and out of the sun, and of course hydrate.


I packed the vans and trailers today and everything other than sleeping stuff and bikes should be in there, oh and we need one more stove.


Go Kick butt and have so much fun.


Middle Schoolers


Saturday: We do not have a coach tomorrow for you. I am so sorry.


However if you ride the Shoot Out then there will be plenty of teammates and wonderful folks to help if needed. I encourage you to ride it and Daniela will be out.


Sunday: Post if you want to MTB and I will take you guys out.



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