High School MTB racers: Congratulations on another great race. Thank you so much for representing our team with such great pride. I heard many wonderful stories about the weekend. You all have one more race to go, and I will be sure to be out with you helping you all succeed.


Please know after the league that I am going to demand that you take a break until the day after Thanksgiving. Your break is coming and I really want you all the honor it.


Training Plan:


Tuesday– Recovery ride

Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 starts MTB rides

Thursday– Himmel Races

Saturday– Shoot Out

Sunday– MTB Sweetwater



All other riders, this is our transition period. We are also waiting to start our training until the day after thanksgiving. That said the next month we will focus on having fun as a team and doing some Cross fit type work.


After Thanksgiving I am hoping to have everyone hungry to ride again. I want you eager to get on the bike. So this month, please be mindful of the goal of this next month. Have fun and get eager.


The GOAL of the next month: Arrive on the day after thanksgiving super excited to ride your bike again.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Capture the Flag. Please, you must bring a bandana

Wednesday– OFF

Thursday– Cross Fit


Saturday– No shoot out– Kidicall mass

Sunday– Fondo





Everyone its mandatory to participate. We will put up more information soon.

2 Responses to “Week of October 26th”

  1. Susie king

    Hey coach I was wondering if I could go mountain biking on Wednesday