High school racers– Thank you so much for having the courage to continue with the season and working so hard. I appreciated you representing the team in such a positive way.


This week for you is going to be a skills and rest week. I want you guys super fresh and ready to race. I have full confidence in your engines and am confident that rest will only prime them and get them super ready.


Training Schedule for HSMTB races


Tuesday– Barrio Skills

Wednesday– Quality Trail ride

Thursday– Barrio Skills with Openers


Friday– Hopefully leave and stay in sweet house with a pool.


NON High School Racers


We are turning a page and we will be cross training for the next couple of weeks. We will be on the bike once during the week and once or twice on the weekends as you see fit, until mid November.


Tuesday– Cross Fit work out at Himmel Park. Please come in “PE” style clothes.


Wednesday– Tempo Road ride


Thursday– Tumamoc Cross fit


Saturday– Shoot out or C team ride


Sunday– Adventure ride day.