High schoolers race number 3 is coming up and I hope to excite you all and to prepare you for the race to come.


Last week was most of a rest week, so we should be fresh and ready to put some work in.


We are going to build this week, then take Thursday as a skills day, so we should build a bit of fitness then rest to the weekend.


Tuesday: MTB at Himmel Park. Focusing on turning and LT


Wednesday: MTB in the dirt


Thursday: Skills at Barrio


Saturday: Middle school road ride.

High schoolers leaving for the race.


Sunday: Middle schoolers MTB FUN

3 Responses to “Week of October the 5th”

  1. steve hanes

    Collin is in San Francisco this week but will be meeting you guys up at Mcdowell. Can someone make sure his mountain bike gets loaded on the trailer on Saturday? Thanks.

  2. Eve

    I was delayed in getting off work today and wasn’t able to pick up Eve in time, so she will not be at Grupo today.

    Jeff (Eve’s dad)