Kidicall Mass


This Saturday the 31st of October we are leading a Kidicall Mass ride that is starting at Laguna Elementary school. The event starts at noon at the school. You may meet us there at the school at 11:45am or you may ride with me leaving the clubhouse at 11am sharp. After the ride there will be ice cream for all.


Also after the ride tomorrow I would like to have a lot of help cleaning and preparing the clubhouse for the Fondo. I will be buying food for those that stay to help.




This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and everyone is expected to help in a great way.


The Fondo is a beautiful bike ride that people are paying to do. It is an untimed event with a suggested route of 45 or 72 miles. Along the route we have aid stations with real, good, food. We are trying to make this into a “classier” event. We want people to enjoy a good ride, but to also stop and eat good food at the aid station and then upon return to the clubhouse we have good food, drinks and even a live band.


We need youth to do many different things, but most important is to be on hand and thanking everyone they come across, because it is these people that allow us to do what we do.


Riders will be asked to ride the ride with people who have paid. We will split you up into small groups and we hope you go out and talk with people.


If you are not riding then you will be at the clubhouse making sure everything is clean, orderly and presentable. You will also help to make sure that people have what they need.


I need everyone on hand at the clubhouse at 6:30am so we can make sure everything is ready.


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  1. Veronique

    HEY HS MTB RIDERS: Shawn and I are leading a MTB ride to Sweetwater tomorrow morning 10/31 leaving at 7:30a from the clubhouse. It will be a glorious morning for a ride in the dirt. Spread the word with your teammates in case any of them miss this posting. You want to finish your races strong and we want to help you do that!