I really hope to have super attendance this weekend. There are some high schoolers who had a crummy week of attendance, so I hope that you have a great weekend.


Saturday: Old Man Shoot Out 6:15am.

Big Boy 6:30am

C Team– Two options– 1) Ride the old man

2) MTB with Veronique. Isaac, Jack and other middle schoolers I                                                                               encourage you to go MTB.


Sunday: MTB 6:30 am meet. Pack one van and trailer and go up to 50 year trail. Coaches please be prepared to maybe drive.


Please any parents that can join and help, we need it. I will be at Mt Graham and all others coaches except for Ben Elias are out of town. Please post if you can help. If not we are going to have to have fun on the west side. SweetWater it would be.


Mt. Graham


Sunday meet at 4:30am.

leave by 5:00 am at the very latest

Arrive Safford 7am

Race starts at 8am

Return: Unknown

2 Responses to “Weekend plans and Mt Graham Info”

  1. Susie king

    Hey Ignacio, I know we where talking about it but j wasn’t actually sure whether or not I am going to mt.graham?

  2. Eve

    I won’t be able to make it to mt.graham this weekend. good luck to those that go.