We have two events happening this weekend that we need every rider to sign up to attend.

Everyone needs to sign up for at least one shift HERE. Details below…
We are going to be at Kellond Elementary (6606 E Lehigh Dr) from 12-2pm. We will not be driving an Grupo van to the school. If you want to volunteer for this event, there are TWO options.
Ride there and back: Ride with Coach Morgan, leaving from the clubhouse by 11am to go to Kellond Elementary (~8 miles with great bike paths all the way). Ride with Kidical Mass, eat ice cream, and then ride back to the clubhouse. My guess is about 20 miles total for the day.
The other option is that parents could drive their rider and a bike to Kellond Elementary, and do the ride, eat ice-cream and then be done for the day. It is entirely your choice which option you like.
El Grupo has a spot/table at the GABA Bike Swap (5th Ave/7th St) from 7am-2pm. We usually provide bike valet (people can leave their bikes with us while they walk around), sell baked goods to raise money, and we sell a bunch of equipment/gear that needs to be cleaned out of the storage at the clubhouse.
Parents: Are you available to bake some treats to sell? If you are interested in donating baked goods,  you can drop them off before/after Kidical Mass on Saturday. As every dollar helps our programs we really appreciate whatever donations you can provide!
Riders: Shifts to work at the Grupo table during bike swap are broken down into 1 1/2 hour time slots. You will be selling baked goods/clothing/gear and/or working our Bike Valet. The first shift will meet at the Clubhouse and set up our booth at the swap. All other shifts are at the 5th Ave/7th St intersection.
Again, the sign up link is HERE

4 Responses to “Kidical Mass & GABA Bike Swap – Sign Up”

  1. Kaileen

    I went to sign up last night for Sunday but it said it full. Can I still come or is 5 people enough?