Saturday– Anybody who did not race the high school league, you are invited to join Veronique on a mountain bike ride tomorrow. Ada, Kaileen, Myles, I would like to see you on this ride.


All others, we are going on another beautiful bike ride. 2.5 hours long. Very much like today. Team base ride.


Sunday– For the hike. A van will be driving to the trail head, so you will be able to put your bag in the car. Please remember a different pair of shoes, a good snack, a change of shirt. Please pack carefully so that everything fits into a normal size bag and the van does not end up looking disgusting with random stuff everywhere.


You will need 2-3 bottles of water for the hike and I will have 10 gallons in the vans to refill pre and post hike. Remember a hat for the hike as well.

5 Responses to “Saturday and Sunday”

  1. Izzie

    Hey Ignacio! I’m sorry I wasn’t on any of the rides last week, but I was sick and unable to ride. I’m better now, and I’ll be ready to ride this week!