Here we go. The fun is really about to start. This is the beginning: the moment that you need to make the commitment to your goals. Without this commitment at the beginning you have but little chance. Dream big now, make the promise to yourself and trust yourself to see them through.


Remember goals are ones that challenge you against you. Not against other people. Set those now, scare yourself wonderfully and lets trust each other to try and get there.


As long as everyone tries their best we will all achieve. The moment we stop trusting each other and ourselves, we become hopeless. This will not be an option.


Training Plan


Tuesday– 4:30pm Cross fit at the park


Friday– 9am start. 2 hour base ride.


Saturday– 8am start. 2-3 hour base ride


Sunday– I would like to try a bike and hike and would like to invite parents and family to join us on the hike.

Leave clubhouse 7:30am and ride to Kings Canyon trail head. Next to Desert museum.

8:30am start 7 mile round trip hike. approx. 2.5 hours.

11am start ride home and back at clubhouse by noon.


If you just want to do the hike let me know, but I will challenge some of you to do the whole thing. That is my job to challenge you, so be mentally and emotionally ready for the challenges to come.


Please respond if you are going to be in town so we know how to prepare

16 Responses to “The beginning”

  1. Unai

    Will be in town.

    Couldn’t get to practice today, doing a workout at home.