We are going to have 9 weeks of base this year before we start any intervals. We will have some races in that time, that we will be able to enjoy, but we will not be totally firing on all cylinders. That said we will be fast at the end of this period if we all dedicate ourselves to it. \


This period of time only has value if you put in the time. So as always I try and make a point of wonderfully challenging you. Have fun challenging yourself as well.


These next few weeks we need to get the time and miles in. The intensity will come. These are the great weeks of riding and chatting and telling stories and trying new rides with new friends.


As always I want great attendance. My job is to try and help you be the best you can be and the only way to do that is to have you come.


So remember one of the C’s is Commitment. Yes school and family come first, but I want all of you to have great attendance.


That said a lot of you who started the team in the last round, Ada, Myles, Kaileen, Eve I would like to challenge you to start to come on both days of the weekend if you can. You are already to try. If you can of course and family obligations allow.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Road base ride.


Wednesday– Mountain bike ride. 3:45 and 4:30 starts\


Thursday– Road strength ride


Saturday– 8am road base ride. 3 hours


Sunday– 8am long mtb ride. 3 hours

5 Responses to “Week of November the 30th”

  1. Eve Yockey

    I will come all 3 weekdays, but I have a b-day sleepover on Friday night and a school concert on Sunday(and it is my b-day on Sunday)so I will not be able to make any of the weekend ride this week but from now on I will try to make both.

  2. indigo

    I have rehearsals after school till 8.30pm everyday this week and also on saturday I am busy with school. I am so sorry but i am not be able to come to practice this week next week i am definately ready for practice. Sorry
    Indigo van houte

  3. Eve Yockey

    I will not be able to come today because I have a ton of homework and I don’t feel so well.