Here are some details for the upcoming training rides. We’ve had some great training over the last week, let’s continue that with great attitudes and the desire to do this training properly.  It’s very important to stay hydrated and eat all the right foods on and off the bicycle.

The Tuesday rides are the same as listed before.

12/30/15- Arivaca

A and B team riders- Leave the clubhouse at 8:00. Ride to Arivaca and back to Amado. Everyone rides back to town in a van. Know that this will be a really big effort with great returns if done right. Drink, drink, eat, eat and repeat. Do not go into a hole on this ride. It will suck for you if you do. Guaranteed!

C team riders- 9:00 you will leave the clubhouse and drive down at least part way and then get on your bicycle. Ride to Arivaca and back to Amado. You may come across A and B riders. Push yourself to ride with them and gain all that you can.

Bring real food for this ride while on the bike and after. Both vans and trailers are going so there will be plenty of room for riders, bikes and gear. Be there!

Veronique, Morgan, Luke,Leila,Matt and Dennis will be your coach’s.

1/1/2016- Mt. Hopkins on MTB no road bikes.

We leave the clubhouse at 9:00 to drive to the start. This will be epic in so many ways. So come prepared for a fantastic experience. We challenge you all to be on this ride and push yourself deeply. Come very warmly dressed for the ride and after. Again, real food on and off the bike. No bonkers please.

Veronique, Shawn, Morgan,Luke and Leila will be your coach’s.

1/2-1/3 24 Hour Town Overnight


We will leave the clubhouse at 9:00 to drive up. 5 laps will be ridden by everyone. Yes, at least one of them will be at night. Make sure your lights are fully charged. Riding by candle light might be hard. Just saying.

PLEASE! let us know you are coming so we can shop accordingly.

Tents, sleeping bags and mats provided. You should know what to bring clothing wise. It will be cold.

Encourage your family to come out and play. We will camp at 24 hour town.

Return to town mid-day. Bicycle ride back an option.


We look forward to seeing you all!!





7 Responses to “Arivaca, Mt. Hopkins and 24 Hour”

  1. Unai

    When you say we will drive to the start of hopkins, where do you mean by the start?

  2. Kaileen

    I can come to the 24 hour town this weekend. My parents will be joining me. Super excited!!!