I have the annual board retreat tomorrow. So I will be unable to attend practice.


The help I have is coming from Morgan, Michelle and Chuck Helmke.


That said here is our idea”


Morgan please take out Izzy, Izaac, Myles, Unai, Jack.


Michelle and Chuck will be driving a van and trailer to the 24 hour course. They are going to leave the clubhouse at 7:30 am so if you want to go with them please arrive at 7am. You will drive to the course and arrive at 9am. You will ride two laps and be done at 1pm. You will then drive back to town and be back at 2pm. Please if you plan on doing this bring plenty of food. A good lunch.


If you don’t want to go to 24 hour town and are not going with Morgan, then please be ready at the clubhouse at 7:30am to go to sweetwater and ride for 3 hours. You will not have a coach.


Have a great time with your friends tomorrow and get excited for the season to come!!!!!