Thank you all again for coming to the meeting yesterday. We hope to plan in as much as advance as possible.


This time of year right now is all about laying down a good base. The bigger the base the harder you can go later and the better hard training you can do. This time of year is all about putting in the good time.


All rides should have as little stopping as possible and should be solid. They should not be sprint heavy or super intense, but they are not easy. They should be strong and long rides.


I know that this week is finals week, so everyone please take care of school first. If you can come this week. Super great. I hope that riding is your de-stresser.


Tuesday– Road ride.


Wednesday– Road ride. 3:45 and 4:30

Middle schoolers 4:30 mtb ride

Thursday– OFF. Enjoy the last day of school with friends and family.


Friday– Ride 2 hours with a teammate. No coaches will be able to help.


Saturday– Shoot outs and C team ride.


Sunday– Another great road ride.

Middle schoolers MTB ride

4 Responses to “Practices week of December the 12th”

  1. Ana

    I have been sick and will not be able to make it to practice tomorrow. Not feeling well yet. I will try to make it on Wednesday.

  2. Ethan Overson

    I’m not able to make it this week and the next because I will be in New York. Sorry

  3. Kaileen

    Sorry I didn’t make it Tuesday and Wednesday, but I was studying all afternoon for tests this week.