Here is the updated information. More info coming, so please check here and encourage your teammates and family to check the blog.

12/26- Shootouts 7:15 and 7:30. C team  7:30 start.

12/27- Honey Bee 8:00 start. This is a MTB ride to and from. Bring food. This will be a nice big ride.

12/28- No ride scheduled. Go for a little cruise if you like.

12/29- A and B team ride 7:30 start. MTB skills at 9:00 W/ Morgan.

12/30- Arivaca- More details very soon.

1/1- Mt. Hopkins, drive from Clubhouse at 9:00. Bring food and all the right clothing.

1/2- 24 hour course. More details to come. We will drive out. Please let us know if you’re coming. Family’s encouraged to join the fun.

All of these rides are RAIN or SHINE. It’s what we do.


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