Ben Duncan (U23 Team member) suggested that YOU watch this video. It is only available TODAY, it seems.

Here is what Ben has to say about why you should watch it:

“It’s only available for 24 hours, but to me, seriously embodies some of the issues older riders have with a commitment to riding their bike as well as one to the team. There is some great stuff in here that I think shows the spirit of not only riding for the enjoyment of racing, but also El Grupos great ideology of riding with your friends. ”


There is some profanity, and one right at the start, but not much overall. This is your warning.


Words of wisdom from Taylor Phinney among others.


Just over 1 hour long. Worth a watch on your Friday afternoon / evening…


3 Responses to “Today only: video on riding for the enjoyment of it”

  1. Ignacio

    Great idea Keenan. You guys get to ride home. Also I know what the weather says it might be, but also know what kind of team we are. I will be dressed up and ready to in the morning, I hope to see so many of you