There is quite a bit that I want to say, so please read thoroughly.


I am not quite sure that I can be as poetic as I would like, so I will just be brief.


I had thought about doing this as a video post, but I am not.


First: I want to coach a group of kids who want to believe in themselves and each other as a beautiful unit that as a group can come together to do something special. To do this we must all come to practice as much as possible to learn about and with each other.


If I did not want this then you do not want me to be a coach. If all I wanted was the bare minimum or good enough then you would not want me to be around.


My job and goal as I see it is to wonderfully challenge you every time you come.


I of course want perfect attendance and greatest effort every practice. Without that I am not as happy as I could be.


That said I have a small crew right now that is giving me that, and for that I honor you all.


Many more though are not giving me that wonderful all and it is effecting me, and I don’t like it.


Those that are not pulling their end of the bargain, please be prepared to talk with me and to possibly have to find a new something. I will not let a few sour apples, infect the few that are giving their best.


Also please remember the attendance ratios that I put out earlier in the year. I am taking attendance now and poor attendance will not allow you to race your bike. NO questions asked.


It is not fair to those that are putting in the great time, coaches, parents and riders all included.


I want to coach a group of youth who believe in the team, each other and themselves.


No goal is reached without sacrifice.


I will also be making travel changes as well.


As in the past, all phones will be handed in upon entering team vans. No exceptions. Please do not complain in any way about this. I also want to heavily encourage that all youth ride in team vans, unless exceptional circumstances.


I am done compromising on my values. They have not helped me create a group that respects the process more, so I will go back to, no compromise.


Training Plans


Tuesday: A– group Team ride

B– Group Team ride

C– Group A- mtn repeats



Wednesday– 3:45 A+ B — Group MTB ride

4:30pm MTB rides.

Yes MTB riding is very valuable to those not doing Valley. It helping greatly with pedal efficiency and random power exertion. There is a reason that Josh Berry of the Pro Jelly Belly team that is helping with the U23 team rides his mtb throughout the winter.


Thursday– Crit Practice


Saturday– Shoot Outs

7:15 old man

7:30 big boy

C team ride 7:30



All new middle school riders MTB 8am start

A+B teamers Mt Lemmon. 3x 10 low LT fun



A Huge reminder Team meeting on Sunday at 4pm. At the clubhouse. Please do not miss!




11 Responses to “Week of December the 7th”

  1. Keenan

    I wanna see some new faces on the Big Boi shootout. It’s not too fast for a first go. I got dropped many times before I made it all the way around because it’s a lot more about getting used to the ride dynamics than the speed. Same goes for all the guys that do it regularly now. Challenging yourself with the big boy will help you get faster and more experienced even if you don’t make it all the way around on your first try. Give it a shot! Obviously talk to Nacho about where you’re at with riding before showin’ up.

  2. Nelson

    “There have been many studies of elite performers…concert pianists, chess grandmasters, professional ice-skaters, mathematicians and so forth… and the biggest difference researchers find between them and lesser performers is the amount of deliberate practice they’ve accumulated. Indeed, the most important talent may be the talent for practice itself.” Atul Gawande (in an article titled “The Learning Curve”)

  3. Izzie

    Hullo, Ignacio. Tuesday my brother and I have a band concert, and I won’t be able to go. I will try to make it both Wednesday and Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday. I’m excited to start the Shoot Out again!!!

  4. Chuck

    Well said Ignacio!

    Those who ride for el Grupo are fortunate to share in the energy and dedication Ignacio has for our team riders. When we all contribute unselfishly that energy is magnified and strengthens us all.

    I really love the point Nelson made, because in my years of many challenges I’ve found it to be so true. Practice, practice, practice, but most important is focusing on being good at practicing. Focus, this is a time to be in the moment, work on your form and technical skill, push yourself, and learn about and care for your bicycle.

    So many of you do this and I too honor you. I strive to be at practice regularly on Tuesdays and Thursday’s. I am there to assist you and Ignacio in anyway I can. If I can be of assistance to you please ask me. It really is my great privilege to share my time and experience with you all, the riders of team el Grupo.

    Here is wishing you all great success in the season to come.

  5. Sandy

    Count with us. Lets lend each other a hand when is needed. My family has different activities and we rely so much in other parents to send Ana to practice and to competitions. This team in amazing!!! Use our help any time too!!

  6. Kaileen

    Hey, I will not be at El Grupo today I have a band concert. See you Saturday/Sunday