First, let me thank everyone for coming last night to the meeting. We hope having the calendar with the list of events will make it easier for everyone to plan. I will be posting this winter breaks’ training schedule later tonight, after my meeting with all the other coaches.


Over winter break I hope everyone has a great time enjoying their family and friends and gets to ride a lot. This is a great time of year to put great work in.


After the meeting yesterday we were asked exactly what one was paying for with tuition. I will do my best to lay it out:


All riders on the team get a road bike and mountain bike, and many riders (and parents) have commuters or other bikes. We strive to ensure that they are modern enough to allow for fun competition. We also strive to teach each youth how to properly maintain their bikes so that our equipment can stay in good working order for years to come. This is made possible primarily through donated bikes from people in our community. However, we have even purchased used bikes and new parts over the past few months to make sure riders are on the best equipment possible, within our means.


As well each youth’s bike is worked on by our team mechanics and often, like today, brought into Fairwheel to get it fixed.


Each rider then on their road bike is granted, as needed of course:

1- 2 chains

junior gearing options and equipment

2 sets or 4 training tires

1 set of racing tires, 2 if needed

1-2 sets of cables and housing

bar tape

Carbon brake pads if necessary

Light and Motion commuter lights

Riders are also able to use race wheels if they are available and necessary for the particular event and they have earned the right to use them.

Riders who earn the privilege also have access to power meters and heart rate straps

As well if any part needs replacing on bikes such as brakes, wheels, handle bars etc. we have the ability to help with all the equipment we have.


Mountain bikes

1 fork rebuild per year

4 tires

1-2 sets cables and housing


access to Light and motion lights

and of course the ability to acquire and change equipment as necessary



All training clothing

jackets, arm, leg and knee warmers


helmet and use of aero helmet when necessary


gloves long and short finger


At Clubhouse

use of full tool bench

mechanical lessons

academic support

job opportunities

access all camping gear

team t shirts



USA cycling license

High school mtb license

all race entry fees

transport and gas to races

all food and drink mix for training rides

food at races

lodging at travel races and prepared food

use of tt bikes

coaching and training plan help

5  coached practices per week


The only thing we ask your youth to buy are tubes for $2 a piece. At any other local bike shop they cost between $7-9. I bulk bought tubes to make it way more affordable. The team is actually loosing a bit of money on selling them at $2 a piece. I ask that riders buy their tubes so there is a small investment each rider has to put in and it hopefully encourages them to keep their bikes in good working order and to check their equipment. Patching tubes is of course always free and materials are provided.


Food at Clubhouse


This is something that we used to offer, however I need to learn of a better way to organize this. As it is now I have stopped buying a ton of food. This is because youth have not been responsible in cleaning up after themselves, which led to mice and squirrels coming in and it had become a race to see who could eat the most before others showed up.


I would like to have a system where we have food.

I want a system where there is acknowledgement of the idea of before practice food, during ride food and after ride food.

I also want to ensure that we do not just open the fridge and start trying to eat as much as we can.


A perfect example is two weeks ago during El Tour. I brought back 2 boxes of Granola bars totaling 600 bars. They were eaten in 3 days and wrappers were all over the clubhouse. These were to be ride food, however it turned into kids eating 10 per sitting for no good reason other than to eat.


If we can find a way to respect the food, then I am so happy to provide.


This should give you a good sense of what your tuition includes for Team El Grupo. Fortunately, we have an incredibly generous community that helps make this opportunity accessible to all of you, especially those who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of myself or Daniela if you have any. Thanks!

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