My favorite time of the year. That time when we can do all the big beautiful rides that we don’t have the time to do during the rest of the year and the weather is great.


I really encourage everyone to put in the good time on the bike this winter break. It will really pay off and hopefully be really fun.


I am going to list every ride and every coach that is going to be on these rides. Then Shawn and Veronique will put in more details about each one.


Saturday December 19th– Shoot out 7:15 old Man plus Madera

7:30 big boy

7:30 c team

Old Man shoot out folk. No more turning around at the bridge or just going to helmet and back. Put in the extra time as a team. After you collect, put the extra good time in. It will make a difference.

Coaches– Shawn, Morgan, Veronique, Dennis, Leila, Matt Jones


Sunday 20th– Dove Mtn road ride or Mtb with Shawn, Veronique and Steve Bohn

Coaches– Morgan


December 22nd– Muffin Road ride

Coaches– A and B team Morgan

C Team ride Luke


December 23rd– MTB morning ride with Coach Morgan– 3 hours

Afternoon MTB ride 3 hours. 3 pm start

Afternoon coaches are Christian Timmerman and Matt Jones


December 26th– Shoot outs 7:15 and 7:30am with madera

C team ride 7:30 am start.

See notes form above and coaches are the same.


December 27th– MTB Honey Bee canyon. Some will ride all the way to the trail head, so this will be a four hour ride. 1 each way to the trail head, 2 in the dirt.

Coaches– Luke, Matt Jones, Steve Bohn, Morgan


December 29th– A and B team Morning ride 7:30am start, with extra after. Dennis and Luke will be out for the morning.

Any body not wanting that can do an MTB skills session with Veronique and Morgan.


December 30th– Arivaca. This will have many parts so stay tuned for notes.

Coaches– Veronique, Morgan, Dennis, Matt, Leila, Luke,


January 1st– Mt Hopkins

Coaches– Shawn, Veronique, Leila, Luke, Morgan


January 2nd and 3rd– Those doing the 24 hour race. Camp out weekend at the course. Many of you will be doing 5 laps, others 4 and then on down. However really challenge yourself to put in the good time. These laps can be done at any time. YES NIGHT LAPS

Coaches going– Veronique, Shawn, Luke, Leila, Morgan


School starts on the 4th of January so after this we will just get back to the regular practice schedule.


I really hope everyone is excited about these rides and is able to make many of them.



3 Responses to “Winter Break”

  1. NANCY

    Ben Krouse is not on the team but he would really like to go on some of these rides. He is on the waiting list to join the team and he is waiting for more information on when the “tryouts” are. Can he join in on the rides listed above from December 19 through December 23rd? Please let me know, Thank you.

    • Shawn Gregore

      We look forward to seeing Ben at tryouts. We will be reaching out to those interested when they will be.
      The rides over winter break are for our current riders.
      Thank You!

  2. Eve Yockey

    On 12/23 does it matter what ride the middle schoolers go on?
    And what time does the morning ride start?