As you have read, hopefully, there are a lot of terrific rides during this winter break. These rides will be awesome fun and great training for everyone when you take the time to prepare properly.

A great use of time for example: Be nice to your bicycle(s) You know that machine underneath you…Wash it, clean and lube the chain frequently, inspect and air your tires,(not 30 seconds before) and bring the correct SPARE TUBE for the bicycle you are riding. Plenty of spares available in the clubhouse for $2!

Please take the time to check-in here for updates. Exact ride times will be up soon for the rides not given one yet. Post questions or call on a coach. We love hearing from you!

Remember, arriving 15 minutes before your ride start is actually on time.

I have most riders & coaches and some parent/guardian telephone numbers… To be sure, please text me @ 520-404-4851. Please include your name… (Earthly name Newben)


See you soon, with your knee warmers on!








3 Responses to “Winter Rides”

  1. Cara

    I was wondering if anyone has seen my front light (nightrider 750). I left it on the armchair of couch at the clubhouse before the shootout and when I got back I could not find it. I looked in all the obvious places so please keep an eye out for it.