Kitt Peak it is.


If you are wanting to ride to the mountain, then please be ready to leave the clubhouse at 9am.


I encourage folks to do so, ask if you are unsure.


At 9 am then I hope to have two vans and trailers leaving as well to drive out.


One should go to three points and the other to the base of the mountain.


The other ride options are:

  1. Park and ride from Three points to the mountain, up and back. Approx. 45 miles.
  2. Start at the bottom of the mountain ride up and down.
  3. Start in Three Points, ride up the mountain and then get in the van at the bottom.



So I need two parents/ coaches to drive the vans. One to Three Points and one to the Base of the mountain.


Do I have any takers?


Also  if parents want to come and not ride, it would be really cool to have a van at the top of the mountain.


Please ask questions as needed.


We should be back in town by 3pm.


Also everyone pack a lunch and a change of clothes

6 Responses to “Kitt Peak Sunday”

  1. Tyler Overson

    Sadly I will not be able to attend either one of the amazing rides this weekend. Saturday morning @8 I have a mandatory Saturday academy which will improve my grade for SEP and early Sunday morning I will be in Phoenix taking my sister to the airport. Hope the rides are super fun!

  2. indigo

    Unfortunately I am not be able to come to the rides this weekend. I am really sorry.
    For all the riders Have Fune
    I also wanted to say that I really enjoyed the pilates workout today.