This is for all riders, and especially for those in high school and U23 team, but all are welcome.


Beginning this Friday at 4pm we will have the opportunity to have pilates instruction AT NO COST to you provided by Body Works Pilates at a location just 2 blocks from the clubhouse: BreakOut Studios on Stone just north of University Blvd. This is less than a 5 minute walk from the clubhouse! Be there ready to go by 4pm, please.


This will be a 10-week progressive Pilates for Cyclists class series that will greatly help you get the most out of your season by focusing on body balance, core strength and stability, and good posture. Some U23 riders have been doing pilates at their studio throughout the Fall and cannot say enough about how great it has been for them. It can only ADD to your overall fitness and balance – and in NO WAY will it take away from your riding and racing.


We want to have GREAT attendance on this first class with the hopes that many of you commit to it for the series/semester. Please comment if you plan on attending. This is an opportunity that you will not find elsewhere and it would cost you hundreds of dollars. Take advantage of it!

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