I hope everyone had a great break and is dealing with being back in school. I know it was way more fun to just go on sweet big rides with your friends and play with your bikes all day, but alas.


This works well for us as it is a good transition out of Love season and into lets get fast season and have fun.


We have 5 weeks until our first big race of the year and that gives us just enough time to put together one really good block.


Starting the week of the 11th of January we are going to be starting with our intervals. So everyone absolutely must have their time pieces ready. That means a watch, Garmin, or something. If you don’t have something then you will be lost, and I will be upset if anyone is lost. If you are lost I will have some extra work for you to do as well. Jump squats. But really if you don’t have a watch what you are saying is, “I don’t care”, and then we should have a different talk at that point.


For today Thursday the 7th. I know it says it is going to rain. That said though, if you were not around much for the break, I will be ready to lead you in a trainer practice, or maybe we luck out and can ride outside. I will be prepared for both.


If you had a huge break, and want to take the day off, then please do so. If you had a good break and want to do some cross fit, I will be ready for that to.


We are rain or shine and I will always have quality workouts ready.


This weekend I am very excited to see the work that everyone put in. We of course will ride the Saturday shoot out and then Sunday we have a question:


Ride Kitt Peak or go to the Lemmon and do a power test. I am ready for both. Please post and let me know.


That said if we ride Kitt Peak, then I want everyone to prioritize that ride this weekend. So if you only ride once during the weekend, then I really prefer that you ride Kitt Peak. In fact I will give no other option. Kitt Peak should be a huge team event, its an incredible mountain.


There is a C team ride on Saturday, 7:30am start, so if you are a C teammer, you are either riding both days or just on Sunday.


Also Saturday there is a Kidicall Mass ride. I would like 6 people to help me. I will offer breakfast burritos as well to say thank you. Please let me know. It is an easy one as it starts in downtown, so after the shoot out we clean up, go eat and then ride.


First race of the season is January 30th, U of A Crit. Put the work in, so we can have so much fun.


13 Responses to “So excited to be back”

  1. Veronique

    C teamers: please text me if you plan to ride Saturday. I would love to ride with you but with Kitt Peak being the priority ride I want to confirm that I have riders for Saturday. 977-6461. Thank you.

  2. Pearl

    I will help out with kidicall mass on Saturday! And I’m excited for Kitt peak.

  3. Ethan Overson

    Sorry I won’t be there I have homework I need to finish

  4. Kyle

    I opt for Lemmon, I have limited time on Sunday as I’m picking up my truck.