Thank you everyone for coming to the Presentation on Sunday. I very much honor the opportunity that I have and thank you all for it.


I hope you all honor the opportunity in the same way.


This week we prepare for our first races of the season. Your preparation started months ago, not tomorrow or yesterday. However this week there are many things that you can do. CONTROL THE CONTROLABLES.


Get to bed on time this week

stay hydrated all week

eat real, good, food

get all your homework done on time


Control what you can control and everything else becomes easier.


To prepare for this week


Training Plan:


Last week was quite hard and I believe that many are still tired. I really want us to start the season off well so we are going to build into the weekend.


Tuesday: Endurance ride


Wednesday: VO2 max work


Thursday: Openers at the crit course


Saturday: Race day


Sunday: Race day


I will put logistical notes up later this week, Wednesday, about the weekend.


A word about the Donut:


The donut should be culminating treat. A once a week, super treat, that is only had after the hardest bike ride of the week and after a weeks worth of work. It is not to be abused or taken advantage of. I hope I am not setting a bad example. I understand that we are all human and need our sweet devilish treats and so I do not want to with hold any fun in this way. However I want us to recognize the time to eat our treat.


I hope I am teaching that moderation and timing are so critical. I condone the treat after great, super, had work. Every once in a while. Other than that, I hope everyone is being mindful of eating real, good food, in proper healthy moderation.


I am trying hard to establish healthy and reasonable life long eating habits in all of you.


Lastly all information concerning this weeks races can be found here:




2 Responses to “Week of January 25th”

  1. Sue

    HI! I wont be able to make it today but I will be there wednesday and hopefully thursday! Ready for an amazing weekend!