What a joy to have such great attendance and enthusiasm yesterday at Kitt Peak. This is the kind of team that I so much enjoy coaching.


One where the youth are committed and have the sufficient courage to tackle great challenges.


Thank you!!


This ride also marks the end of Love season. Hopefully we are feeling very strong and our endurance is primed for the season. While its true that its always Love season, and we should always ride bikes for the love it, we are now going to move into Let’s get fast season.


This time of year is also very fun as we can start to train in such a way that we get fast and snappy.


I want to inspire all of you to believe in yourselves to have a great racing season. Remembering that you are the ones who set forth your goals and motivators for the season. I want to challenge all of you to set “scary” goals that push you to be your very best.



Training Plan


Tuesday– No Spandies skills at the park


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 pm. Mountain bike ride


Thursday– Crit practice


Friday– Pilates class at Break out studios


Saturday– Shoot outs and C team ride


Sunday– Power test. Mt Lemmon


For the Power test you need either a Heart rate monitor, Power meter, or watch. Please do not show up with nothing.


Mountain bike Race Opportunity this weekend


The first MBAA race is this weekend in Phoenix on Saturday. Looking at the start lists there are huge fields for the junior categories. 20 plus riders in most age group for girls and boys. A lot of kids we know from the High School races. If anybody would like to go up and race, please let me know ASAP. I am more than happy to travel up to the race if more than 5 people want to go.


I would recommend anyone who is not in High School and wants to race to go. For the sheer fun of it.


If you are in high school and want to hold off until the end of the month to start racing, I totally understand.

7 Responses to “Week of January the 11th”

  1. Chuck

    To be clear a Tuesday no spandies skill day would be on road bikes, right? You know me, I’ll show up on a single speed 26″ wheel Mtb. Ha!

  2. Kaileen

    Hi, i won’t be able to make it today I’m sick. Also I am going out of town on Wednesday until late Sunday. I will miss riding!

  3. Izzie

    Hey Ignacio my brother and I would like to go to the MTB race on Saterday. I can’t wait! Thank you.

  4. Veronique

    Hello C team riders. There aren’t many of you who do not ride the shootout. If that is you and you want to ride on Saturday, please let me know by texting me: 977-6461. If I hear from you we will ride leaving at 7:30 from the clubhouse. Plan on about three hours.