Saturday U of A Crit January 30th


Your start times are listed below. I will be at the race course at approx. 6am. with trainers and things set and ready for warm up.


15- 18 boys please be on site not later than 6:10am. This way we can warm up with out having to rush. First of the year, lets do everything right.


Everyone racing after this please arrive no later than 1:30 hours early for your race. Anything less and it will seem rushed and no one likes to rush. Please arrive on time and ready. I will have all license information so don’t worry about that. If you are racing two races and they are spaced apart by a few hours, you have two options.


  1. Hang around the race venue and wait.
  2. Go home or to the clubhouse or somewhere and chill.


Either way you will need to rest, better would be sleep, recover and eat. If you stay on site I will make sure that you are out of the sun and relaxing. I do not want you to be cooked for race 2 or for Sunday.


Since I will be at the race course all day you will need to get yourselves down there. Please make arrangements with family and friends and know where you bike is, as the clubhouse may not be open when you need on Saturday.



07:10:00 AM 30 min Collegiate Men C Jr Boys 15-18 cat 5

08:30:00 AM 40 mins Collegiate Women A and B Jr girls 15-18

10:10:00 AM 20 mins Juniors (M&W) 9-12, 13-14

1:50:00 PM 30 min race Men Cat 4/5

03:00:00 PM 40 min race Men’s Cat ¾

03:45:00 PM 50 min Women P/1/2/3

04:40:00 PM 60 Men P/1/2/3


When your race is over get home as soon as you can, eat and get to bed early. After all your homework is done of course and any house chores you have.




All riders except 1,2, 3 men and women, you need to be at the start area at 7:30am.


The van will be leaving at 6:30am very sharp. If you are riding with me, which I encourage if you don’t live north of the Rillito, then please be at the clubhouse at 6:15am to load your bikes.


As with any race always bring a good snack for after, like a brown bag lunch, and a change of clothes.


We should be returning to town by 2pm.


start times and distances:


8:45 Men 4/5 2 laps / 40 miles

8:50 Women 3/4  2 laps / 40 miles you race with Women Masters 35+ and Collegiate Women B

9:00 Jr Boys 9-12/13-14/15-16/17-18* (all cats) Jr Girls 9-12/13-14/15-16/17-18* (all cats) 1 lap/ 20 miles 1 lap/ 20 miles


If you are racing in the afternoon: I will have a van available for you to take however I do not have bicycle caring capacity. If we took a seat out of the new van we could make it work. Someone has to come ask me about it.




8 Responses to “Weekend Logistics”

  1. Avery

    I’ll be at the clubhouse at around 5:45 tomorrow morning to get my bike. Anyone who needs a bike for an early race can meet me there

  2. Chuck

    All my best to you on this first race of the season.

    Don’t forget, no matter where you are in the field, sprint to the finish line!

    Make yourselves proud!

    • Shawn


      Women 3/4 race @ 11:10 for 30 minutes on Saturday.

      See you there!

  3. Brian

    Ditto what Chuck said, of course. You should have completed any homework, packed your bag (along with some post race protein….PB&J is always good, as is chocolate milk), filled your bottles and gone to bed and not be reading this blog any longer!

    Rock on, kids….look forward to watching you race!