One week away now.


Thank you everyone for the help with setting up camp and getting some things in order. There is a lot more to do, but that was a great start.


Please riders consult the gear list. Make sure that you have everything that you need. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for things. I want to help you so help me, by being on top of your stuff.


That said please remember to fully charge the commuter front light that almost all of you have. Please arrive with it fully charged. This is going to be with you on every night lap, as your emergency light. You must have it ready.


Also be mindful of having your spare tubes ready. They are on the list.


Leaving Times and Logistics


Van 1– Leaving the Clubhouse at 2pm Thursday the 11th. I encourage as many of you as possible to arrive on this night. It really makes the event go much more smooth for the riders and families. Please comment if you are going to be able to leave at this time.


Van 2– Leaving clubhouse at Noon on Friday the 12th. Please post if you are going at this time.


If you are driving your own car up. Please be aware that Parking is a nightmare and you are not guaranteed being anywhere near our camp. Please car pool as much as possible.


If you drive your own car– Please bring WATER. 5 gallons per person in your car. I am always hyper nervous about water so please bring as much as you can.


Also if you are having Loved ones join us for the weekend, please post and let us know, so we can plan properly.


Food is being planned by Kate Hiller and if you have questions please contact her. Her contact info is on the information that Gillian, Parent– Rep, sent out.


Training Schedule 


I want us to be fresh and ready to race this weekend and I want you all to have all your school and house work done.


Please try very hard to come up THURSDAY!!!


Tuesday– MTB skills day and clean your bike day


Wednesday– OFF. Get your stuff done, packed and everything ready


Thursday– Leave for camp


Friday– Opener pre–ride


Saturday and Sunday– Shred Festing


11 Responses to “24 Hour News and Notes”

  1. Avery

    I cannot make it in any of the vans because can’t get out of school.
    I get out of school on Friday at 2:20 and can be at the clubhouse by 2:45-3:00
    Is anyone able to drive me up at this time? or would it be possible to delay the van, as most people have school and get out around 3?

  2. Ignacio

    Avery many of your teammates will be leaving on Thursday. I am sure there will be a car leaving at the time you need.

  3. Rip

    both of my parents will be at the race but because they are both on their own teams they won’t be camping with us (but they might stop by to talk) im planning on driving up with my mom on Thursday morning. could someone put my bike in the van? i would be very apprecieative

  4. zaid

    I need a ride on Friday after school also. Please let me know if any one can give me a ride. Phone 520-951-8892. Thanks