What a fantastic weekend. I could not be prouder as a coach. Every youth on the team put in fantastic and courageous efforts. Not a single person put there head down and gave anything else but there best. That is all I will ever ask as coach, have the courage and pride to always do your best.


Learn to always do your best in the sports world and you will be able to in the academic and social worlds.


How you do anything is how you do everything!!


That is why we test ourselves to understand who we are and we know how to react in any situation.


Thank you all for your efforts.


24 Hour Race here we come!!!


In two weeks is the 24 hour race. This race takes the greatest amount of planning and team work of any other race. We will have 35 racers racing for 24 hours and we will need to keep everyone fueled and ready for that whole time.


Tomorrow I will post a lot more information as to exactly what is needed, as I have a coaches meeting tonight.


That said we will need a ton of parent and volunteer help over the weekend of the 13th and 14th and a ton of food.


Please if you can block out that entire weekend, that would be just amazing!!!!!!


Training Plan


Tuesday– I imagine many of us are going to be a bit tired and I would like to talk with you all, so no spandies skills at the park. I want to see everyone!!


Wednesday– LT intervals 3:45 and 4:30 on mtb’s if racing 24


Thursday– LT intervals on road bikes for all


Saturday– Shoot out

No C team ride


Sunday– 24 hour Course and camp build. I want everyone who is racing to be in attendance. If you want to race the 24 please be there. If you have a busy weekend then do not ride on saturday and come on sunday.


After the ride we will be building tents and preparing what we can of camp. I have asked the race organizers and this has been ok’ed.



3 Responses to “And there is so much more to come”

  1. Sue

    The week sounds great! I will not be there tuesday I have a doctors appointment but I will be there wednesday!