24 Hour Race Gear List 2016
Riders: All must bring 2 cans of food to donate to the local food bank!!!!!!
Riding Gear Camp gear
Quantity Item Quantity item
4– 5  Riding shorts 1 tent
1 – 4 Team jersey 1 sleeping bag
1 Long finger gloves 1 sleeping mat
1 short finger gloves 1 head lamp
0 race wheels zero Nothing electronic
2– 3 Spare tube Cards OK
1  helmet
1 Riding jacket Hygiene
1 mtb bike you always need
1 pump these things
1 Riding shoes small towel Tooth brush
1 arm warmers sunscreen tooth paste
2 – 3 thermal base layer shampoo soap
1 riding vest
1 multi tool Race/ Event Info
1 patch kit
3 water bottles I encourage riders to arrive on Thursday after school
2 or 3 extra jersey if possible. It makes the transition to race days way
1 commuter front light easier.
Camp Clothes Always be prepared for it to be crazy cold. The weather
Quantity Item is always a factor. Prepare for crazy.
1  toque
1  sunies- sunglasses If you do not have something on this list please ask.
2  pants I cannot assume you have stuff. You must ask
4  shorts
1 warm jacket/ sweatshirt Please car pool or ride in the vans as much as possible.
1  wind breaker/ rain coat Parking is very!!! Limited.
1 walking shoe
6  socks Do not arrive without this eact gear list. Preparation equals
2 wool sock a good time.
1 – 3 Team t-shirt
1 – 4 short sleeve shirt Weather Forcast
1- 3 long sleeve shirt hi low
0 Bathing suit/ swim trunks 80’s 40’s
1 sun hat It will be perfect. Always plan for rain.
Remember everything other than your tent and sleeping bag MUST fit into a normal size duffel bag!
Ignacio cell # 520-789-6947



I will be handing these out to riders as well. Please carefully look this through. If you have everything on this list I am confident that you will have a good time. Please look it over very soon and ask early if you need something. Do not wait until Wednesday of next week.


Also the week after this there is a race in Oro Valley the Tolero Crit. It will be on Saturday the 20th of February. You can find information about it at www.azcycling.org. And here https://www.bikereg.com/tolerocrit.



Parents all events that we will be attending are on the calendar that you received at the team presentation so please look at that as the year goes on. If it is a road cycling event all information can be found at www.azcycling.org for those races.





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  1. Chuck

    Woohoo! Here I was starting a list for the 24hr race, stopped to read the blog and found “The List”! Thank you very much Coach!