Why the confusion with start times and show up times for the Time Trial today?


The website for the event has been up for weeks and all we have known is that the first rider would be going off at 11am. We had no other information. Not what order people would be going off or anything else.


I have been hearing from parents that they would like information sooner in regards to races and events, so in an attempt to get information out sooner, I had to go off of the only information we had. Which was start times at 11am.


I planned around 11am. However the start times came out last night at 9:28pm. I was already sleeping and did not see them until 7:15 this morning.


Once I saw the start times, I noticed that we did not have riders going until 12:30 and some as late as 1:30pm. That is why I tried with futility to tell folks in the morning to move a bit slower.


I apologize if this was an inconvenience to some, but Life is like a river. We all just have to go with at times.


Thank you all for understanding


Here is an email I received from the race organizers:


Because you registered for the Time Trial and Road Race events taking place this week-end in Tucson area, here are some quick notes from organizers for you to prepare the best for your races:
1.1. you can find your racing number(s) on ArizonaReg.com
1.2. for packet pick up, please have your USAC license and an ID at hand to expedite the process
1.3. numbers go on the right side both days
1.4. omnium numbers will be the same on both days. Collegiate riders have different numbers each day
1.5. if you have friends who are not registered yet, please send them to ArizonaReg.com. Online registration is open until 30 min prior to race start
1.6. directions to the venues and additional information is available in the flyer you can find on ArizonaReg.com
2.1. start times are posted on SummitVelo.org
2.2. packet pick up starts at 9:30 am and runs until 30 min before the last start time posted. Late registration will close at 10:30 am, no exception
2.2. because of mistakes made by some participants during registration, a few fixes might be needed. if you have a valid issue with your start time, please send us an e-mail and plan to be at the TT venue no later than 10:15 AM that we fix it before the first riders start
2.3. collegiate teams: please see Boris to receive your TTT bib #s
2.4. results will be posted later in the day for both omnium and overall TT results
3.1. for safety reasons, this year the road around the finish line is entire closed to public traffic. The feed zone is now located at the bottom of the climb
3.2. when you park, park COMPLETELY OFF THE ROAD.
3.3. registration and check in will open at 6:30 am. Second wave racers, please wait until the 1st wave has started to begin checking in.
3.4. for safety reasons, we are limited in the number of follow cars on the road. Consequently, for the first wave of road races (starting between 7:30 and 8:00 am), will NOT have wheel support vehicles following the fields. Riders are responsible for their own flat tires. There will still be support on course but not assigned to specific fields
3.5. awards for the first wave road race and omnium will take place promptly at 11:00 am after the second wave is fully started. Second wave road race and omnium awards will take place at 2:30 pm. You must be present to receive awards. No awards will be mailed, if you are not present you forfeit your prizes
Feel free to contact us if you have questions (email preferred, and know that we’ll be busy with on site operations – thanks)
Have a great week-end of racing!!!