February 26th


Time Trial at Picacho Peak


First rider goes off at 11am.


We should be on site at 9am ish.


We need to leave the clubhouse at 8:15am.


All Please meet at the clubhouse at 8am to load up and go.


Bring a change of clothes, a sack lunch, and a hat.



Sunday Colossal Cave road race


If you are racing Juniors,  Men Cat 5, or Women’s 3/4


Race starts at 7:30am.


We need to be on site at 6:30am at the very latest.


I will be leaving the clubhouse at 5:30am.


Please do not be late. Some of you live in Vail so please meet us out there.


If you are doing both days of racing, please bring your number from the day before. As always bring a change of clothes, a hat and a sack lunch.


If you are racing in any other category: 


Racing starts at 10:45am. We should be on site at no later than 9:30.


Please plan on leaving the clubhouse at 8:45am.


Remember most of you will be riding back to town. No questions.

One Response to “Race information for feb. 26th and 27th”

  1. Russ

    I don’t know if it would be beneficial or not but our house is practically on the course in Vail. We live at Whisper Trail/Camino Loma Alta. We would gladly open our house for anything the team might need. A place to go before, during or after. This goes for any team rides that you might want to do in the area. Especially with the AZ trail right out our back door. Just something to think about. 🙂