Thank everyone for a great race. I am posting a few more videos to illustrate team tactics in road cycling.


I feel it is critical for me to teach this as I know it will be an incredibly important life lesson. As we all grow up and enter the work force and build families we will all need to understand and know how to work as a team and collaborate with others.


Road cycling is a team sport, though on the surface it might look quite different. I hope these videos help and are useful to all.


Also I put the videos up about attacking as some of the wonderful ladies on the team were asking.


Training Schedule 


All eyes are on TBC which is now three weeks away. We are going to work hard for the next two before we take rest into the race.


Tuesday– Endurance Ride. I am sure many of us are fatigued from the weekend and we might just need to pedal out the legs.


Wednesday– LT, Time Trial Practice.


Thursday– Crit Race practice


Saturday– Old Man 6:45am start

Big Boy 7am start


Sunday– 7:30 am start. Mt. Lemmon. C team your weekend ride will be on Sunday this week.



Also VERY IMPORTANT with TBC. We are a sponsoring club for this race and are being asked to help out and volunteer where we can.


Please follow this link for information.









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  1. Madison

    I will not be able to make the shoot out, I have a job interview that morning. I will be there Sunday.