Anyone who wants to race, first please post.


Second be at the clubhouse at 6am to get driven up.


You will arrive to the race at 7am and the first race starts at 8am.


If you are going to meet us there then please do not arrive after 7am or Shawn will not sign you up.


Parents I would VERY VERY much like for the kids to ride back to the clubhouse with Shawn after the races. Is there a parent who could drive up with the kids in the morning and then drive back the van trailer afterwards? Please let us know ASAP.


Also please feel free to do as many races as you want.

14 Responses to “Tolero Crit”

  1. Jack Senese

    I would like to race tommorow, I will be meeting you guys at the course. See you then!

  2. Izaac

    HI, Ignacio I would like to race, so dose sister.
    Thank you for you’re time.

  3. Damion

    I’ll be heading up from home. Sam will be with me, but we are not racing. If you need me to bring anything let me know.

  4. Ana

    I will not make it today because i need to help at church. I will go all of next week, though